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Service Details: Door Supervision ~ Festival & Event Security ~ Close Protection
Site Security ~ Key Holding ~ Mobile Services ~ Retail Security
Door Supervision
Forum Elite Security Ltd specialises in providing SIA licensed door supervisors to licensed premises and establishments with the highest level of standards to meet your security needs and requirements.
We understand the importance of your license agreement and the laws and regulations which accompany it.
We take pride in offering a tailored service for every venue and you providing the right door supervisors for your establishment.

We provide SIA door supervisors / security guards that are local to the area. Locals are more knowledgeable and streetwise when dealing with the general public or emergency services.

   Our Qualities:
  • Highly Experienced
  • Reliable & Punctual
  • Trustworthy
  • Vigilant
  • Great Customer Service Skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Well Presented
  • Passionate & Motivated
Covid-19 Training Certificate We have trained for
Prevent Covid-19
non-contact InfraRed thermometer

Working Together
We work closely with our clients and staff building positive and professional relationships by maintaining regular contact through onsite visits. We also assign a dedicated manager to work with you throughout our service with a 24-hour helpline.
Festival & Event Security
In our experience we know that festival security is not all about the planning and operational standards.
We understand that our teams are often the first point of human contact for customers entering any festival site.

With our service you can rest assured every entrant to your site will receive a warm, friendly welcome by one of our highly professional team members.

At Forum Elite Security Ltd we take high interest in each event/ festival aiming to help organisers create that special experience that customers can't wait to tell their friends about.

Prior to deployment all our teams are fully briefed and trained to specifically suit your festival or event. From a detailed site induction and site-specific contingency exercises to upskilling courses give our teams the ability to manage and deal with any arising situations causing minimal disruption to your event.

By providing this from our management team working alongside clients and other key stakeholders right the way through to our Door Supervisors and Stewards working on the ground you can rest assured that our professionalism, attention to detail and focus on adding real value to our service stand out in the crowd.

If this service is of interest to you, we have more, see what else we can do for you with our MEDICAL or CLOSE PROTECTION services.

Close protection in Dorset
The world we live in is an increasingly dangerous place and many busy professionals, including celebrities, politicians and others need extra protection to ensure they can go about their business unhindered.

We at Forum Elite Security Ltd know that your safety is the utmost importance, and that is exactly why our close protection bodyguards are fully committed to protect clients from every threat heading their way.
Such threats can be any of the following:
  • Kidnap and Ransom
  • Terrorist Attacks
  • Stalkers
  • Political Opponents
All our Close Protection officers are versatile and able to adapt themselves to soothe to any of the client's specific needs.

Our close protection services will ensure you get from A to B without any hassle, and our specialist officers have extensive training in assessing threats and coming up with the best strategies to keep you out of danger.

Static Site Security in Dorset
Construction sites can be a haven for destructive vandals, thieves and trespassers due to the open nature of these areas.

These instances can result in serious timely delays to any building projects and many insurance companies will refuse to cover construction sites unless suitable security measures are enforced.

In order to combat this Forum Elite Security Ltd offer services which are designed to deter potential thieves and vandals from accessing your site.

Our services are tailored and designed to work around your sites busy schedule, ensuring no project deadlines are affected and your most valuable assets are including tools, machinery, equipment, building materials and staff are protected.

Whether you require a security presence for certain hours throughout the night or a 24-hour service, single or multiple site protection, mobile patrols contact us today.

If this is of interest to you or your business, we have more, to see how else we can help you check out our KEY HOLDING/ ALARM RESPONSE or MOBILE PATROL services.

Key Holding
Do you leave you home or business premises unattended for prolonged periods of time?
Maybe you could benefit from our key holding service?

At Forum Elite Security Ltd we offer a key holding service as well as an emergency alarm response service so whilst your away you can rest easy knowing your business and/ or home is being cared for by our professional team.

By having Forum Elite Security Ltd as your key holding company, We are available 24-hours a day 7 days a week with our highly experienced team on hand to manage any security related issues or queries you may have.

Our uniformed response team will take control and manage the situation on behalf of you the premises owner conducting a through check of your home or business.

During these checks we are checking the integrity of the building, if any doors or windows are left open, any signs of damage, signs of a break in as well as monitoring the surrounding areas for anything out of the 'norm' or any arising security issues.

Once our trained team are confident that the area is clear secure, we will continue to work along side the alarm company in order to re-set the alarms leaving your home or business safe and secure.

We believe that you should have a detailed copy of events following each call out, therefore as part of our key holding service following every call out you will receive a detailed incident report outlining response time, area of evacuation if required, damages or faults including imagery (still and/or video).

If this is of interest to you, we have more, to see how else we can help you check out our SITE SECURITY or MOBILE PATROL services.

Mobile Services
Sometimes static security guards, CCTV monitoring and alarms aren't an appropriate or cost- effective solution for our customers, and that's where our mobile patrol security service comes in.

When you engage our Mobile Patrol Security Service, we will carry out regular visits to your premises at random times being cautious about setting regular patterns.

Our fully trained and experienced officers can check your premises during the most vulnerable hours dealing with important security issues such as:
  • Setting and unsetting of alarms
  • Checking the integrity of your premises ensuring no damages
  • Checking windows and doors to ensure they are locked and secure
  • Switching on and off lights and equipment
  • Checking for any potential fire or flood hazards
To further enhance the security of your premises we also provide warning notices which are also a deterrent, these will be located at the perimeter of your property.

With our mobile patrol service after every security breach we will provide you with a full and detailed incident report including coloured imagery.

Our approach is to offer you with a tailor-made security plan to suit the individual needs of yourself and your property.

We can help you to identify the best approach to keeping your Dorset premises safe, a trained member of our team will be happy to make suitable security recommendations for your property and work with you to bring you peace of mind 24 hours a day.

If this is of interest to you, we have more, see what else we can do for you with our SITE SECURITY or KEY HOLDING/ ALARM RESPONSE services.

Retail Services
Security should be high on the agenda for any retail business, whether you run a small boutique, department store or large supermarket.
From shoplifting and stock damage to anti-social behaviour and even organised crime, the threats facing retailers are significant.

Forum Elite Security Ltd has a team of dedicated retail guards with years of experience working in the industry.

Our security officers will act as your eyes and ears on your shop floor, giving your front of house a visual deterrent and your customers the view that your store is well protected.

If shoplifting or any other suspicious activity does occur, you can rest assured that the situation will be dealt with quickly and efficiently, ensuring minimum disruption to your customers and your retail business.
Our officers are also dual role and able to assist with first aid scenarios also.

  • Smart Presentation
  • Great Customer Service Skills
  • Trustworthy
  • Reliable And Punctual
  • Motivated And Vigilant
  • Dual Role (Security/ First Aid)
  • Prevention Of Criminal Activity
If this is of interest to you, we have more, to see what else we can do for you check out our MOBILE PATROL or KEY HOLDING/ ALARM RESPONSE services.

Service Details: Door Supervision ~ Festival & Event Security ~ Close Protection
Site Security ~ Key Holding ~ Mobile Services ~ Retail Security

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